The specific details of all of our daily activities can be found on the wall of your childs classrooom. A general outline of our daily activities include:

We begin early math readiness skills through our discussions about the day, month and year during calendar time. In addition, we learn about the world around us and about each other through a variety of songs, stories and dramatic play.

This is where the children cover some basic prayers through song, and learn about the upcoming Jewish festivals or event in the Jewish calendar.   
On Friday, during this time, our children have a special shabbat party, where they role play shabbat and sing numerous songs for shabbat. 

Play is a vehicle of growth for the young child. During free play, children learn to interact with each other and play cooperatively. Playtime affords a child the opportunity to share, think and to problem solve. A variety of toys puzzles and creative activities/crafts  in the classroom encourages children to use their wonderful imaginations and build upon their creative, dramatic play while developing their gross and fine motor skills.

Our chidren  participate in outdoor and indoor activities. Children enjoy developing their gross motor skills, further developing the eye/hand coordination and eye/foot coordination. Several of the games we play involve working as a team. We use balls and outdoor equipment to facilitate these goals. .

Music is the universal language in our classrooms! Our classrooms are equipped with musical instruments and opportunities for children to explore rhythm and song. The Early Childhood music selection includes  numerous CDs of popular children’s songs. The children in the centre often participate in a parade using rhythm instruments as we march throughout  our classrooms! Your children will learn many songs during the course of the year and parents will have the opportunity to hear the children sing on various occasions throughout the year.

The children will have an opportunity to explore their creativity using a variety of art media. Paints (including tempera, watercolors and biocolors), markers, crayons, colored pencils, tape, glue, scissors, glitter and felt are a few of the myriad of materials the children will experiment with in the classroom. It is important to remember that it is the process not the finished product that matters! We want your children to feel proud of their creations!

Our goal is to comfortably expose children to Hebrew words relating to the seasons, Jewish holidays and units discussed in their classroom. Hebrew songs are incorporated into lessons. Students will also have hands-on experiences learning about Jewish values, and the customs associated with Shabbat and all the Jewish holidays.   
Preparing and celebrating Shabbat is a special time within the Early Childhood department. The children welcome Shabbat by singing the blessings over the candles, reciting the Kiddush-blessing over the wine (grape juice) and singing the motzee-prayer for eating bread over the Challah. This special time is a highlight for the children.