Our Philosophy

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Shalom! Welcome to the Chabad Herbrew School of Danforth - Beaches. We are honored that you have entrusted us with your child for part of each week. In return we pledge to provide your child with a unique Jewish learning experience … an experience that we hope will become more than just a cherished memory as your child matures into Jewish adulthood. We want your child’s experience with us to be an integral part of who he or she becomes. 

As we rise to the task of imparting our goals and objectives to you, the parent, we find we are at a loss for words…not
because we aren’t clear about whom we are and what we want to accomplish. We are very clear. We are at a loss for words because words don’t exist that adequately describe what it is we aim to achieve.

What it is we aim to achieve?
Until a word exists for the fun, exciting, and meaningful way we impart information, values, and identity to your child, we will use the word education. Until a word exists for the nurturing way each of our staff gives a piece of her heart to each and every child, we will have to call them teachers. And until a word exists for the connections that your children will forge with their peers, their teachers, and with all who share their Jewish heritage, we will use the word friendship.

Our goal is to merge education with friendship…teachers with parents, fun with meaning in order to allow your children to:
1. Experience Judaism rather than simply learn about it from established curriculam.
2. Strengthen knowledge of Jewish heritage, the Hebrew Language, and our critical
relationship with the Land of Israel.
3. Create lasting bonds with other Jewish children.

The Jewish Experience
Ask any Jewish adult what his fondest memories of growing up Jewish are, and you are not likely to hear, “I couldn’t wait to get up every Sunday morning for Hebrew School.” You are far more likely to hear responses such as, “I loved my Bubbe’s gefilte fish,” or “I had so much fun dancing the hora at Cousin Bernie’s wedding,“ or “We used to have thirty people to our seders and every child got to ask the four questions.”

At Aleph-Bet we understand just what makes for a warm, spiritual memory, and our philosophy is to give each child as many of these positive experiences as we can, while at the same time instilling a basic knowledge of history, culture, and core Jewish values. We want your children to taste Judaism…literally. And we want them to smell it and sing it and dance it and integrate it into their souls. We do this through interactive games and crafts and song and yes, through food as well.