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Come and Join Us for Shabbat

Friday Evening 30 Minutes after Candle Lighting.

2273 Queen St E. Toronto ON M4E 1G5

The service is for about 30 Minutes.

After lighting the candles on friday evening, we go to the synagogue for the special Shabbat eve prayers. These prayers have been legendary throughout the ages for their inspirational poetry and joyful melodies.

The Friday night prayers begin with Lichu Niranina--"Come let us sing." This is followed by more expressions of song and thanksgiving, and praises for God\'s glory.  The highlight of the Friday night prayers is the Lecha Dodi. This mystical hymn describes how we prepare for and greet the Shabbat; its refrain: "Come, my Beloved, to meet the Bride; let us welcome the Shabbat."
Following the "Prayer for Welcoming the Shabbat" is the traditional evening festival prayer, composed primarily of barchu, shma, the amidah, and aleinu

There is no fee or reservation necessary.

Looking forward to seeing you there.