Girls ages 11 - 13

A one of a kind experience for girls ages 11-13, irregardless of synagogue affiliation to come together twice a month to celebrate what is means to become a Bat Mitzvah. Club activities include; interactive games, discussions, arts and crafts and Tikkun Olam projects.

Girls What's the point of a Bat Mitzvah anyway?

Are you all caught up with the theme, the clothing and all the party favors but clueless about the meaning?? Do you think a Bat Mitzvah ends or begins with your party? Join the Bat Mitzvah club and find out. Here girls learn about Judaism, meet other Jewish girls the same age and have loads of fun!

Girls in Charge

The Bat Mitzvah club is "for girls, run by girls and starring girls," because the girls run the meetings! (with their area club leader) They also plan peer programs and arrange activities! Be a leader or a participant, everyone is welcome. The Bat Mitzvah club is a place to grow, learn and get involved.

Share ideas, friendship and fun!

The Bat Mitzvah club shows girls why a Bat Mitzvah is much more than a party. Learn what it really means to be a Bat Mitzvah in the modern world. Get to know your Jewish self through art, creative writing and community outreach.

Discuss hot topics. Share you interests, goals, hopes and dreams. Record your thoughts and ideas in your very own club journal. Express yourself!

Will you fit in?

If you like activities, friends, food and conversation, you'll definately fit right in!

Give yourself a Bat Mitzvah gift

Join the Bat Mitzvah club and give yourself the best gifts of all: Self confidence, Jewish pride, and lasting friendships. These are the Bat Mitzvah gifts that last a lifetime. Because a Bat Mitzvah is not really about the party it's about you.

Sign up today!

Club Membership: $200 pay online

An information evening will be held on TBA at Chabad Danforth-Beaches – 2273 Queen St. East at 8:00pm.

For more information please call

416-988-1365 or email us [email protected]